Andy Nicol and Giles Morgan Team Up for New Sports Podcast

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Andy Nicol and Giles Morgan Team Up for New Sports Podcast

Two of the UK’s most well-known sports industry figures, on and off the field, are joining forces to launch a new podcast in partnership with Loch Lomond Whiskies that will tell the stories of families in sport. 

‘Generations’, which is being brought to listeners in association with Loch Lomond Whiskies, will be hosted by former Scotland international rugby captain, Andy Nicol, and veteran sports marketing guru and industry thought-leader, Giles Morgan.

With an extraordinary line-up of famous sporting dynasties set to join them in the coming months, including the likes of current Scotland rugby star Adam Hastings and his legendary father, former British Lions’ captain Gavin, the show will offer a rare insight into what it is like to grow up in a family blessed by exceptional talent.

Through a series of candid conversations, the hosts will discuss the unique dynamics of sharing the podium with family members, touching on the pressures and advantages of following in the footsteps of a loved one.  

The show will kick off on 23 May with former Scottish rugby union star Kenny Logan and his wife Gabby, a renowned British TV presenter and international gymnast.

As they catch up over a dram of the finest Loch Lomond Whiskies, the hosts will delve into the positive influence they have had on each other, how their natural competitiveness affects their marriage and the encouragement they bring to one another, and to their children.    

Giles Morgan and Andy Nicol are well established figures in the global sports industry, with extensive experience in media. Giles led HSBC’s international sports sponsorship division for nearly 15 years, and has hosted the award-winning industry podcast ‘The Captain’s Table, where he interviewed major figures such as Rory McIlroy, Sir Chris Hoy, Brian O’Driscoll, Lord Sebastian Coe and Michael Vaughan. While Andy, whose grandfather also played rugby for Scotland, has been a regular pundit on the BBC for 19 years.

Andy Nicol said:There is something particularly intriguing about unpicking the nuances of family sporting ties.

“To succeed at the top level, you need a certain measure of commitment and natural talent. Sometimes this can be taught, but a lot of time it is something you are born with, and you inherit this drive from your family.  

“Across the world, there are so many examples of family ties in sport, from Andy and Jamie Murray, to Michael and Louis Lynagh and Ian and Liam Botham.

“Using our extensive network of contacts, built up from many years working in sport, Giles and I will set out to speak with these influential figures, sharing their untold stories and finding out what it is really like to make your mark, while in the shadow of someone you are incredibly close to.”

The podcast will be brought to sporting fans around the country in partnership with Loch Lomond Whiskies.

The Official Spirit of The Open, and a major sponsor of The Super League, the award-winning, independent distiller has a significant presence across the sporting world.

John Grieveson, Chief Marketing Officer of Loch Lomond Whiskies, said: “There is a natural affiliation between the world of sport and whisky. Both capture imaginations in a unique way and inspire fans to go on a journey of exploration.  

“Indeed, our portfolio of exceptional whiskies even mirrors the theme of generations, as they are simply a family of single-malts bound by a signature style but distilled over many different years.

“Andy Nicol and Giles Morgan are two excellent and well-regarded sporting figures, and we know they will deliver an exciting and engaging podcast."

The first episode of Generations will air on 23 May and is available on the Are You Not Entertained podcast channels, via Apple or Spotify.