The Four Heavenly Kings
Single Cask Series


Charm of the Millennium · Summoned Blessings


In 1937, a report in the Illustrated London News hailed the Ming Dynasty frescoes of the Four Heavenly Kings at the Fahai Temple in China as some of the greatest painting art in the world, causing a huge stir in the European art world for the remains of these Fahai Temple murals, which had been secluded for more than six hundred years.

South King of Wisdom
25 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Rich peat smoke and fresh vanilla are wonderfully balanced with sweet nectarine and toffee sauce.Layers of melted brown sugar and golden syrup intermingle with ground ginger and delicate oak spices.

East King of Protection
23 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Rich peat smoke and creamy vanilla fudge are followed by wonderful orchard fruit flavours of ripe pear and juicy green apple. There are oak spices and some white pepper, before lingering smokey embers.

North King of Blessing
21 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Charred pineapple and fragrant elderflower are followed by freshly cut barley and honey. There is spicy ginger and a hint of marzipan before ripe pears, coconut and toasted oak at the end.

West King of Observation
25 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Creamy vanilla and toffee popcorn are followed by peaches in syrup. There is indulgent white chocolate and homemade fudge before a hint of spicy peppercorn and gentle oak spice to finish.


The Ming Dynasty frescoes of the Four Heavenly Kings at Fahai Temple, the pinnacle of the history of Chinese fresco creation, represent the simple prayers of the people of the East for "favourable climate", the charm of the millennium and the summoned blessings.


Circumstances Changing with Mind · Destiny Created by Hea


Loch Lomond's "Four Heavenly Kings" Series Single Cask whisky, taking the oil painting version of the Four Heavenly Kings fresco of Fahai Temple as the originality of the whisky label artistic recreating, is Loch Lomond's selection of the best single cask whiskies which has been sleeping in the oak cask for years. A rare and auspicious gift of Western whisky infused with the inheritance rooting in the thousands of years’ Eastern history.