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Master Blender

Remarkable Makers

Distillery Edition One - Single Cask Whisky

Single Cask - 265 Bottles Produced
70cl | 57.1% ABV 

Introducing the first of our Distillery Exclusives, celebrating our distillery’s innovation and whisky-making ability.

This first release is a 9 year old single cask malt whisky, produced using Chardonnay wine yeast in the fermentation process, distilled in our unique Straight Neck Stills and matured in American oak casks. The result is a remarkable whisky with notes of lemon citrus, creamy vanilla and tangy pineapple. 

Distillery Edition

Unpeated - Straight Neck Still - Low Collection Strength 

We are delighted to introduce the first in our Distillery Edition Series, a series which will feature a range of small-batch expressions,  a concept developed and crafted by our Master Distller, Michael Henry and his expert team. 

These releases, not only allow whisky explorers to get under-the-bonnet’ of our whisky making ability and into the minds of our whisky making team, but also allow us to experiment, collaborate and create a ‘test kitchen’ for future Loch Lomond Whisky releases. They will always be cask-strength, natural colour and non-chill filtered providing an authentic lens into our world of whisky.

Our first release is a 9 year old single cask which has been produced using Chardonnay Wine Yeast, distilled using our unique Straight Neck Stills and matured in our finest American oak casks. The introducition of Chardonnay wine yeast allows us to further infuse citrus and orchard notes to the spirit. 




Opens on freshly grated lemon peel, pear and white peach with vanilla and icing sugar


creamy vanilla with a honey sweetness, grapefruit and tangy pineapple


A long finish of mouth-watering citrus, elderflower and gentle cinnamon spice

Michael Henry Signature

Michael Henry
Master Blender

Remarkable Makers

At Loch Lomond Whiskies, we strive to explore new depths of flavours, pushing the boundaries of our whisky making capabilities and elevating the already remarkable nature of our spirits. The newly launched Remarkable Makers series will see masters from the worlds of food and drink, engineering, craftwork and science come together to share their knowledge, journey and aspirations.Our first collaboration is with Bread Ahead, a popular London bakery chain, which was selected to show the parallels of whisky and bread making - two age old crafts that use simple ingredients to create maximum flavour. 

Our partnership explains the role of yeast in the whisky-making process and uncovers the story of our  Distillery Edition, which has been crafted using chardonnay wine yeast, an unusual and innovative ingredient in the world of whisky-making.

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